Why Install A Double Vanity?

You don’t need a large restroom to take advantage of the benefits of a double vanity. Even in smaller spaces, it’s possible to have two sinks instead of one.

Why would you desire two sinks? Well, in bathrooms shared by two individuals or more, a double vanity allows them to brush their teeth, placed on their makeup, and so on, at the same time. This implies less conflict and more time conserved.

Double vanities also add worth to your home. While one sink is common and vital, 2 sinks make your home more desirable and appealing to prospective buyers. Frequently, the choice to purchase one house over another is how useful the bathroom is; a double vanity definitely contributes to that.

Most importantly, double vanities suit all type of restrooms, from standard to modern and from average-sized to spacious.

Large Rustic Restroom With Double Vanity

This warm and inviting rustic restroom, by JK Architecture Engineering via Houzz, includes a big vanity with 2 broad and narrow sinks. The pairing of natural wood, gray stone and rustic textures make this restroom relaxing, welcoming, and warm. The full-width mirror adds light and gives the impression of an even larger area.

Brown and White Double Vanity

A raised double vanity, like this one in a bathroom by Abbott Moon through DecorPad, opens the floor space to a gorgeous chocolate brown wood flooring. Topped by a white marble counter top, the vanity includes plenty of storage area for two people. The frameless mirror mixes with the wall color, keeping the brown/cream contrast of the lower and upper parts of the space, a classic and elegant pairing that never goes out of style.

Southwestern Kid’s Restroom With Double vanity

Double vanities are also ideal for shared kids’ restrooms. This example by Gain access to Solutions by means of Improvenet reveals a southwestern style restroom: the muted earth colors, blue-green accents, and southwestern ornamental accessories supply a fascinating area for children. The double sink suggests no combating over who gets to clean their teeth first, and everybody gets a little private area for their favorite hand soap.

Little Restroom With Double Vanity

You do not need a large space to include a double vanity. Even smaller sized restrooms, like this one by Tom Curren Companies by means of Houzz, can fit a vanity with 2 sinks. There’s enough space for two individuals to stand side by side comfortably, and enough storage space as well.

If you choose to go with a smaller vanity, keep the counter top uncluttered by including mirrored medicine cabinets for extra storage area.

Double Vanity With Open Storage

Big vanities can block an area since of their size. Combat this effect by choosing a vanity with open storage, like in this restroom by Amy Morris Interiors. The open shelf gives space for lovely baskets to put your things in, and lends an airy feel to the area. The vanity is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Graphite, which contrasts nicely with the white marble countertop.

Modern Bathroom With Dealing With Double Vanity

In some cases a side-by-side double vanity does not rather fit your bathroom style. Why not attempt a customized service, like this in person double vanity by Plum Design West? If you have a big open area, as in this bathroom, it may be a much better use of the area to put the double vanity in the middle, instead of along a wall. This ultra-modern design features drawers without hardware to preserve the angular look, and a mirror that recalls the open, ceiling-height windows.

Drifting Double Vanity With Vessel Sinks

Just as with a vanity with open racks, a floating vanity, like in this example from Ligneous Designs via Houzz, looks light and airy. Enhancing the impact, the cream/slate contrast makes the vanity seem like a cloud drifting above a lake. Rounded vessel sinks balance the straight, sharp angles of the mirrors above.

Elegant Rustic-Industrial Restroom With Double Vanity

Although the design of this specific restroom is tough to select, influences from rustic and commercial designs come through by means of the recovered shiplap siding wall and metallic taupe double vanity. This restroom by Fiorella Style avoids the cold of commercial by utilizing warm neutrals and a lot of natural textures like wood, pebbles, and wicker.

Womanly Master Restroom With Double Vanity

This quite, feminine master bathroom by Centsational Lady includes an average-sized double vanity with adequate area for 2 individuals, without being extremely big. The tall oval mirrors bring the eyes up, rather than to the sides, and the white and silver color scheme keeps the area light and open.

Bathroom With Two Little Vanities

If you would rather avoid the big, bulky appearance of a typical double vanity, why not have 2 smaller, separate vanities instead? This is ideal for average-sized restrooms with not a great deal of area to spare. This bathroom by Redbud Construction Providers, by means of Houzz, reveals that you can give the impression of a bigger restroom by providing each vanity some area to breathe.

French-Style Master Bathroom With Double Metal Sinks

Add a little interest to your double vanity by setting up contrasting sinks, as in this example by Angie Gren Interiors. The hammered metal sinks attract the eye and harmonize with the hardware, while French mirrors include beautiful beauty to the whole. The shelf vanity leaves the pipes exposed and keeps the area open.

Scandinavian Restroom With Double Vessel Sink Vanity

This warm Scandinavian-style restroom by NordicDesign includes a drifting, blonde wood vanity with white vessel sinks, contrasting black and white locations, and a concrete flooring. A low-hanging lighting fixture makes the area feel intimate and comfortable, while the rounded shape of the vessel sinks smooth out the otherwise angular functions of the remainder of the room.

Farmhouse Bathroom With Open Storage Double Vanity

Utilizing an open storage vanity is a typical method to prevent the bulky appearance of a large piece of furniture. This farmhouse bathroom by Rikki Snyder, by means of Houzz, uses two little, separate mirrors to highlight the wallpaper pattern and to give the impression of ample space. The ornate vanity includes character and an old-time feel.